Chanderpaul named Sportsman of the Year

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA - Shivnarine Chanderpaul received yet another Sportsman-of-the-Year award on Sunday evening when the National Sports Commission (NSC) held its annual awards ceremony at the Guyana International Convention Centre, Liliendaal.

Collecting the award on behalf of Chanderpaul was Guyana Times/TVG 28 news anchor and sports journalist Avenash Ramzan, who won the Sports Reporter-of-the-year (non print) award earlier in the evening.

However, prior to the presentation of the awards, Director of Sport Neil Kumar gave an extensive report for 2012, indication also that last Thursday a new NSC council was elected.
Kumar revealed the successes and development of all of the sports, pointing out specific achievements of the various sporting fraternities and describing the performances as “excellent”.

The long-serving sport director also mentioned the continued maintenance of facilities, the ones under construction and the numerous days of interaction the Sport Ministry and the NSC conducted.

Permanent Secretary within the ministry, Alfred King pointed out that for sport to move forward greater cohesion needs to exist among key stakeholders, indicating that government is cognisant of the role of sport in today’s society.

“Sports play a role in the developmental process of our country and further turns into a culture. The government is aware of the role sports can play in the development of the nation, there is always more that the government can do, but it is up to the respective associations and the government to move sport forward.

“For us to get what we want out of sport, there needs to be more cohesion among key stakeholders,” King stated.

Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony, during his feature address, delved into the importance of exercise in one’s daily routine while expanding on the main diseases that can result from an inactive lifestyle.

On the other hand, Anthony urged that for sportsmen and women to do well, the private sector needs to invest in sporting facilities while pointing out the need for the associations to produce their sports database.

“We plug about $200 million into the development of community ground and we want the people to utilise these grounds but we would like to see the private sector invest in more facilities, in the U.S., the private sector invest heavily in sport facilities and are making money because they have sport entrepreneurs, and this is something we must change and we hope to convince the private sector to contribute to sport.

“Many of the sports organisations have consistently failed to submit their information to the NSC and I would like for the NSC to publish those association on a yearly basis…we need to have the database of our athletes for each association and if an association is unable to name each athlete in its sport, then how can we move forward, we must also have the database on all the coaches, it is important,” Anthony stressed.

In addition, Anthony pointed out all the facilities being built and were built to help sport improve. He also maintained that the Resource Centre is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

“It is important we understand the science of the sport and the resource centre will provide information, every month we plan to one lecture on physiology, anatomy so our people can understand the science of the sport. It is something we want to evolve into a sports institute.

“Jamaica has about 350 people in their school system and if we want to achieve, we got to start putting people in the school systems and every other system. At the stadium in the parking lot we also want to add the portable types of equipment to play basketball but we need partners to these things and it is hard sometime to wait on partners,” Anthony noted.

He congratulated the awardees on their achievement and concluded by stating that things can only get better.

“There are many optimistic things that are happening and you can see that on the horizon that they will only get brighter,” Dr Anthony concluded.

Awardees:- Sportsman of the Year: Sivnarine Chanderpaul (cricket); Sportswoman of the Year Nicolette Fernandes (squash); runner-up Sportsman of the Year Winston Stoby (power lifting); runner-up Sportswoman of the Year Dawn Barker (power lifting);  Junior Sportsman of the Year Paul DeNobrega (cycling); Junior Sportswoman of the Year Chelsea Edghill (table tennis); runner-up Sportsman of the Year Gumendra Shewdas (power lifting); runner-up Sportswomen of the Year Pryana Rhamdhani (badminton) and Mary Fung-A-Fat (squash); Best Sports Team of the Year Junior squash national team; Coach of the Year Carl Ince (squash); Most Improved Sports Association, Power Lifting Federation; Sports Photographer of the Year Orlando Charles (Stabroek Sport); Sports Reporter of the Year (non print): Avenash Ramzan (TVG28/ Guyana Times); Sports Reporter of the Year (print): Calvin Roberts (Chronicle Sport); Sports Officials of the Year Peter Abdool and Stephanie Frazer.

Meanwhile, representatives from all the regions across Guyana received awards for their contribution to sports during the year 2012.

First Published In The Guyana Times.

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 11:12