Bishop boasts of most 'five-fors' in Sagicor General Super Cup championship

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Bridgetown, Barbado - Derick Bishop, the Republic Bank St. Catherine captain and all-rounder, now holds the record for the most five-wicket hauls in the BCA Sagicor General Super Cup championship.

Arguably one of the most outstanding all-rounders in all versions of major local domestic competitions, Bishop, a 30-year-old left-arm spinner, who bats right-handed, snatched two 'five-fors' in the 2013 tournament to lift his tally to five - two more than five other bowlers.

His success is a big plus for spinners, who occupy the leading 'five-fors' in the 39-year history of the tournament, which moved to a 50-over-a-side in 2001 after being contested as a 40-over in all of the previous years.

The diminutive Bishop recorded his best figures of six for 24 against BCL at Bayfield in the recently concluded championship during which he also took five for 24 against YMPC at Beckles Road.

In 2003, Bishop grabbed his five-wicket haul - five for 21 - against Police at Bayfield. Four years later, he picked up five for 12 against Spartan at Queen's Park and five for 28 v Wanderers at Dayrells Road.

Next in line are five spinners - who have taken five wickets in a match on three occasions. They are: leg-spinners Sherlon Greaves (Empire), Dave Marshall (Spartan) and Tariq Hoyte (for BCL, Banks and Yorkshire); left-armer Sadiq Hill (Police) and off-spinner Jason Smith (for BDFSP and Police (twice).

There are 19 bowlers who took five wickets in a match on two occasions.

Philip Browne, a fast bowler, who represented Spartan, holds the record for the best-ever figures - eight for 19 - against BDFSP at Queen's Park in 2003.

Co-incidentally, two of six bowlers with seven-wicket hauls also had identical figures (seven for eight): pacers Roslyn Carter (Police) v QEH at Weymouth 'A' (1976) and Lloyd Thompson (Maple) v Police at Trents (1980).

Off-spinner Marlon Hoyte snatched seven for 21 for Banks against BCL at The Brewery in 2012; Empire left-arm spinner Jomel Warrican took seven for 40 v MTW at Bank Hall the same season; Renaldo Parris, the current Maple captain, who bowls either off-breaks or slow-medium, picked up seven for 24 for Combined Schools v BDFSP at St. James Secondary in 2002 and left-arm pacer Ryan "Vaas" Clarke had seven for 31 for Carlton v Maple at Trents in 2000. 

The most economical 'five-for' was recorded by medium-pacer Jamal Phillips, who did not concede a run in grabbing five wickets off 4.1 overs for Bristol against mighty Empire, who were fired out for 53 in 21.1 overs and lost by six wickets in a seventh and final round preliminary match at Old Coleridge in 2007 as the Bank Hall men were chasing a hat-trick of titles.

Phillips, then a 16-year-old student at Coleridge & Parry and playing in only his second Super Cup match, remarked: "I just can't believe it. This is easily the very best sporting moment in my short career."

"I kept the ball on a good length and had the out swingers going," added Phillips, who undermined the batsmen with accuracy and swing.

Phillips is now a regular opening batsman for Pickwick. 

Following is the list of leading bowlers with five-wicket hauls:


Derick Bishop (St. Catherine) 5-21 v Police at Bayfield (2003).

Derick Bishop (St. Catherine) 5-12 v Spartan at Queen’s Park (2007).

Derick Bishop (St. Catherine) 5-28 v Wanderers at Dayrells Road (2007).

Derick Bishop (St. Catherine) 6-24 v BCL at Bayfield (2013)
Derick Bishop (St. Catherine) 5-24 v YMPC at Beckles Road (2013).





Sherlon Greaves (Empire) 5-24 v Pickwick at Kensington Oval (1982).

Sherlon Greaves (Empire) 5-21 v Banks at Bank Hall (1996).

Sherlon Greaves (Empire) 5-37 v BCL at Bank Hall (2003).


Dave Marshall (Spartan) 5-27 v St. Catherine at Queen's Park (2002). 

Dave Marshall (Spartan) 5-29 v YMPC at Queen's Park (2002).

Dave Marshall (Spartan) 5-19 v Pickwick at Foursquare Oval (2012).


Jason Smith (BDFSP) 5-43 v BCL at Blenheim ‘A’ (2002).

Jason Smith (Police) 5-43 v St. Catherine at Bayfield (2009).

Jason Smith (Police) 5-39 v BCL at Blenheim 'A' (2012).


Sadiq Hill (Police) 5-25 v Maple at Trents (2003).

Sadiq Hill (Police) 5-41 v BDFSP at Paragon (2006).

Sadiq Hill (Police) 5-15 v UWI at 3Ws Oval (2009).


Tariq Hoyte (BCL) 6-32 v St. Catherine at Blenheim ‘A’ (2004).

Tariq Hoyte (Banks) 5-14 v Bristol at The Brewery (2008).

Tariq Hoyte (Yorkshire) 5-31 v Pickwick at Foursquare Oval (2013).



David Holford (Spartan) 5-16 v Banks at Queen's Park (1975).

David Holford (Spartan) 6-34 v Empire at Kensington Oval (FINAL) (1975).


Deighton Jackman (Yorkshire) 5-21 v Spartan at Friendship (1983).

Deighton Jackman (Yorkshire) 5-25 v Empire at Friendship (1987).


Lonnelle Hutson (BET) 5-34 v Bristol at Wildey (1989).

Lonnelle Hutson (C&W) 5-41 v BDFSP at Wildey (2005).


Kenrick Marshall (Police) 5-34 v BCL at Weymouth ‘A’ (1991).

Kenrick Marshall (Police) 5-22 v BRC at Content (1999).


Leibert Holder (BET) 5-19 v BCL at Blenheim ‘A’ (1997).

Leibert Holder (Cable & Wireless) (BET) 5-21 v Banks at The Brewery (1999).


Patterson Thompson (Empire) 5-31 v Police at Weymouth ‘A’ (1997).

Patterson Thompson (Empire) 5-24 v BDFSP at Bank Hall (2001).


Stanton Proverbs (Police) 5-21 v BCL at Weymouth ‘A’ (2001).

Stanton Proverbs (Police) 5-68 v BDFSP at Weymouth ‘A’ (2003).


Ryan Layne (Cable & Wireless) (BET) 5-25 v BCL at Wildey (2001).

Ryan Layne (Pickwick) 5-20 v Spartan at Foursquare Oval (2010).


Renaldo Parris (Combined Schools) 7-24 v BDFSP at St. James Secondary, Trents 2 (2002).

Renaldo Parris (Combined Schools) 5-29 v Empire at Lester Vaughan, Cane Garden (2004).


Andrew Layne (Spartan) 5-21 v Combined Schools at Lester Vaughan, Cane Garden (2003).

Andrew Layne (Spartan) 5-27 v BDFSP at Queen’s Park (2009).


Ian Bradshaw (Wanderers) 5-24 v Empire at Dayrells Road (2005).

Ian Bradshaw (Wanderers) 5-24 v BDFSP at Dayrells Road (2009).


Javon Searles (Barbados Youth) 5-24 v BCL at Lester Vaughan, Cane Garden (2005).

Javon Searles (Empire) 5-39 v BDFSP at Paragon (2011).


Kevin Stoute (Empire) 5-30 v BCL at Bank Hall (2005).

Kevin Stoute (Empire) 5-36 v Maple at Bank Hall (2006).


Dave Roach (Maple) 5-21 v BCL at Trents (2006).

Dave Roach (Bristol) 5-15 v BDFSP at Old Coleridge (2009).


Tennyson Anthony Roach (YMPC) 5-32 v Spartan at Beckles Road (2006).

Tennyson Anthony Roach (YMPC) 6-6 v Empire at Beckles Road (2008).


Dave Clarke (BCL) 5-29 v YMPC at Beckles Road (2009).

Dave Clarke (BCL) 5-51 v LIME at Wildey (2012).


Jomel Warrican (Barbados Youth) 5-31 v BDFSP at Paragon (2009).

Jomel Warrican (Empire) 7-40 v MTW at Bank Hall (2012).


Shadd Simmons (Banks) 5-35 v Maple at The Brewery (2009).

Shadd Simmons (Banks) 5-56 v Police at The Brewery (2010).


Jonathan Carter (UWI) 5-11 v MTW at 3Ws Oval (2013).

Jonathan Carter (UWI) 5-29 v Maple at Trents (2013).

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