BCA CEO sacked

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - Michael Browne left his office at the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) for the last time yesterday evening with no malice – 24 hours after he was informed that his services as chief executive officer were terminated.

While not expressing surprise at the decision of the BCA hierarchy to relieve him of his duties 13 months into a three-year contract, Browne voiced disappointment at the turns of events.

“I am not even sure I should term it as dismissal. The dismissal connotes a number of things. The BCA and I came to a parting because there was a review process in terms of my being here,” Browne told the MIDWEEK NATION.

“Even though there is a parting of ways, I am looking to move forward. I bear no malice. In life, you move on.

“It is disappointment, but I knew what was happening. Even though you are a man facing the gallows and you know you’re going to die, there is an expectation. It was not a surprise.”

First Published In The Barbados Nation.

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 04:40