BBCI donates cricketing gear to Blairmont Cricket Club

Guyana Chronicle article.

Georgetown, Guyana - The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) received a letter dated May 14, 2013 from the president of the Blairmont Cricket Club requesting donation of cricket gear for its Sports Club.

After verifying the information submitted and further communications between BBCI and Mr Shabeer Baksh of the Blairmont Cricket

Blairmont Cricket Club’s Under-17 cricket team, the company then decided to come on board and donated the following items to the Blairmont Cricket Club:

7 pairs of batting gloves, 6 hard balls (red), 6 hardballs (white),  20 T-shirts branded with BBCI’s logo, 3 GN cricket bats, 3 pairs of batting pads.

BBCI handed over the items to the Blairmont Cricket Club last Friday.

Mrs Bibi F. Alli, Administrative Assistant, BBCI, hands over 20 T- shirts to Blairmont Cricket Club’s Under-17 cricket team last Friday.

The Company, in a statement, said it was privileged to have the opportunity to make another donation towards the Blairmont Cricket Club. The Company decided to come on board mainly due to the fact that cricketing standards in Berbice (East and West) have improved astronomically thus resulting in high quality young players who, someday, could represent Guyana and the West Indies. It also created a great attraction to Berbicians mostly spectators. It must be noted that the Blairmont Cricket Club has done outstanding works in the past and continues to do so by creating great opportunities for youths thereby keeping them away from drugs, crime and other illicit activities.

It noted that Blairmont Cricket Club has produced good cricketers in the past and Berbice Bridge Company Inc. is firmly of the view that they will continue to produce a number of outstanding players in the near future.

The 20 T-shirts branded with the BBCI’s logo were handed to the Blairmont Cricket Club’s Under-17 cricket team. The other set of gear will be used by the club for practice sessions and playing completion.

“The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) not only plays the role of collecting tolls and facilitating vehicles crossing the Berbice River Bridge and vessels transiting through the retractor opening and under the high span but also discharges its corporate responsibilities and more importantly, played an integral part in the development of education, sports, supported national events and made donations to charitable and non-charitable organisations in close proximity of the Bridge or in Region 5 and 6,” the BBCI stated. The Company had also sponsored events in other counties and as far as the hinterland.

In the past, the Company sponsored many events that benefited the communities both on the eastern and western sides of the Berbice River Bridge. Now, for the year 2013, the Company has so far received 70 Public Relations requests and managed to approve 64 of these requests, comprising Mashramani 2013 events, Emancipation 2013 events, sponsorship of horse racing events, donation of trophies to various non-profit and educational institutions and donations to the less fortunate for medical operation expenses.

The Company has also  facilitated tours by various schools and waivered toll charges for tour buses, sponsored cricket tournaments, supported religious organisations, donated hampers to senior persons residing within the community, donated sports gear to sports clubs, financial donations to the Disabled People’s Network in Region 5 and 6 for various events,  among other activities.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Mon, 10/07/2013 - 17:48