Austin, Dewar send Guyana plummeting

Bridgetown, Barbados - Spinners Ryan Austin and Akeem Dewar worked in tandem to cripple Guyana and send the visitors plummeting to their third defeat in the Regional 4-Day this season.

Guyana were in a pretty solid position overnight at 82/1, however, they had a first innings deficit of 128 runs. By the time they knocked off that deficit, they were already four wickets down.

Only two runs were added in the day before Leon Johnson was caught at bat-pad off Dewar for 36. He only added two runs to his overnight total.

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One run later and Narsingh Deonarine fetched at a short ball outside off-stump and edged Kesrick Williams through to wicket-keeper, Chadwick Walton. Guyana were now 85/3.

Tagenarine Chanderpaul and Chanderpaul Hemraj tried rebuilding the Guyana innings, though slowly. They put on 31 runs together, taking the score to 116 before Tagenarine Chanderpaul fell in almost carbon copy dismissal to that of Leon Johnson, being caught at bat-pad off Dewar.

Enter Ryan Austin and he started a little show of his own. Shivnarine Chanderpaul provided some resistance, also linking up with Hemraj. Both batsmen put on 34 runs, taking the score to 150 before Hemraj was caught at leg-slip by Corbin, this time off Austin.

Three runs later, Austin would get the big wicket of Shivnarine Chanderpaul as the West Indies batsman inside-edged onto his pad, only for the ball to ricochet to the wicket-keeper. Guyana rolled over from there.

Twenty runs later and they were all out for 173. Having a first innings deficit of 128 runs didn't help their cause. They had set the College Students just 46 runs to win. Dewar and Austin both finished with four wickets each.

The Combined Campuses & Colleges lost three wickets on their way to victory, but first innings centurion and Man of the Match, Shacaya Thomas, finished unbeaten on 18. CCC won by seven wickets, climbing to fifth on the table.

Guyana sank to the bottom. Perhaps a bye in Round 5 will provide some time for them to get their troubled season on track.


Summary Scores:

Guyana 1st Innings: 263 All Out (102 Overs). Assad Fudadin 71, Anthony Bramble+ 64, Leon Johnson* 34, Christopher Barnwell 22; Ryan Austin 29-10-71-5, Raymon Reifer 20-8-45-2, Kevin McClean 14-3-36-2, Kesrick Williams 17-2-55-1.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings: 391/9 Declared (130.2 Overs). Shacaya Thomas 177, Chadwick Walton+ 107, Kevin McClean 33, Kyle Corbin 20; Davendra Bishoo 35-4-95-3, Veerasammy Permaul 39-8-88-3, Narsingh Deonarine 21-4-36-1, Chanderpaul Hemraj 2-0-7-1.

Guyana 2nd Innings: 173 All Out (4.5 Overs). Tagenarine Chanderpaul 43, Leon Johnson* 36, Shivnarine Chanderpaul 26, Chanderpaul Hemraj 22; Ryan Austin 26.5-13-22-4, Akeem Dewar 26-8-61-4, Kevin McClean 14-3-36-1, Kesrick Williams 6-0-25-1.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings: 51/3 (11.3 Overs). Anthony Alleyne 18*, Raymon Reifer 11, Chadwick Walton+ 9, Kyle Corbin 9; Veerasammy Permaul 6-1-16-2, Raun Johnson 2-0-15-1, Narsingh Deonarine 2-1-10-0, Davendra Bishoo 1.3-0-9-0.

Combined Campuses & Colleges won by 7 wickets


Guyana 1st Innings

A Fudadin c Walton b Williams 71

Tagenarine Chanderpaul c Walton b Austin 8

L Johnson* b Raymon Reifer 34

N Deonarine b McClean 19

C Hemraj c Walton b McClean 11

C Barnwell c McClean b Austin 22

A Bramble+ not out 64

D Bishoo c Alleyne b Austin 6

V Permaul LBW Austin 2

Raun Johnson b Austin 1

Total: 263 All Out (102 Overs)

Extras: (b4, lb4, w4, nb5) 17

Fall of Wickets: 1-45, 2-105, 3-147, 4-150, 5-162, 6-169, 7-209, 8-217, 9-257, 10-263.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings Bowling: K McClean 14-3-36-2, K Williams 17-2-55-1, Raymon Reifer 20-8-45-2, R Austin 29-10-71-5, S Jacobs 12-7-9-0, A Dewar 8-1-27-0, S Thomas 1-0-2-0, K Hodge 1-0-10-0.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings

S Thomas LBW Permaul 177

A Alleyne c Johnson b Deonarine 12

K Corbin LBW Bishoo 20

R Reifer c Bramble b Hemraj 17

C Walton+ c Fudadin b Johnson 107

S Jacobs* c Tagenarine Chanderpaul b Permaul 4

K Hodge LBW Bishoo 9

A Dewar LBW Permaul 2

K McClean c Bramble b Bishoo 33

R Austin not out 1

Total: 391/9 Declared (130.2 Overs)

Extras: (lb8, w2) 10

Did not Bat: K Williams 

Fall of Wickets: 1-86, 2-150, 3-196, 4-278, 5-288, 6-301, 7-310, 8-377, 9-391.

Guyana 1st Innings Bowling: Raun Johnson 16.2-1-84-1, C Barnwell 17-1-73-0, V Permaul 39-8-88-3, N Deonarine 21-4-36-1, D Bishoo 35-4-95-3, C Hemraj 2-0-7-1.

Guyana 2nd Innings (Trail; 128)

A Fudadin LBW McClean 8

Tagenarine Chanderpaul c Corbin b Dewar 43

Leon Johnson* c Corbin b Dewar 36

N Deonarine c Walton b Williams 0

C Hemraj c Corbin b Austin 22

Shivnarine Chanderpaul c Corbin b Austin 26

C Barnwell c Corbin b Dewar 11

A Bramble+ c Walton b Austin 8

D Bishoo b Dewar 0

V Permaul not out 3

Raun Johnson c Hodge b Austin 0

Total: 173/1 (84.5 Overs)

Extras: (b4, lb1, nb11) 16

Fall of Wicket: 1-16, 2-84, 3-85, 4-116, 5-150, 6-153, 7-169, 8-169, 9-173, 10-173.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings Bowling: K McClean 14-3-36-1, K Williams 6-0-25-1, Raymon Reifer 5-1-10-0, S Jacobs 7-3-14-0, R Austin 26.5-13-22-4, A Dewar 26-8-61-4.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings (Target; 46)

A Alleyne not out 18

S Thomas LBW Permaul 2

K Corbin b Raun Johnson 9

Raymon Reifer c Shivnarine Chanderpaul b Permaul 11

C Walton+ not out 9

Total: 51/3 (11.3 Overs)

Extras: (lb1, nb1) 2

Did not Bat: S Jacobs, K Hodge, A Dewar, K McClean, R Austin, K Williams

Fall of Wickets: 1-3, 2-22, 3-38.

Guyana 2nd Innings Bowling: V Permaul 6-1-16-2, N Deonarine 2-1-10-0, Raun Johnson 2-0-15-1, D Bishoo 1.3-0-9-0.

Result: Combined Campuses & Colleges won by 7 wickets

Final points: CCC 18 (3 bowling points + 3 batting points + 12 points for victory) | Guyana 4 (2 batting points + 2 bowling points)

Man of the Match: Shacaya Thomas

Toss: Combined Campuses & Colleges won the toss and elected to bowl

Umpires: Joel Wilson & Patrick Gustard

Standby Umpire: Richard Willoughby

Match Referee: Carlyle Carter

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 17:45