3rd GFSCA ‘Guyana Softball Cup’ - Over $1M in cash and prizes up for grabs this year … GT&T new sponsor on board

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Georgetown, Guyana - Teams doing battle in the two categories for this year’s Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA)-organised third ‘Guyana Softball Cup’ will be doing so with over G$1.83M in cash and trophies up for grabs, when the tournament is held on November 8, 8, and 10.

This was disclosed by one of the GFSCA’s vice-presidents, Ricky Deonarine, during his brief address at the launching of this year’s edition of the tournament, which was held in the upper pavilion of the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) and attended by representatives of the GFSCA’s 13 sponsors.

According to Deonarine, 24 teams will be doing battle for supremacy within two categories, Masters T20 and Open T20 at six different venues in Georgetown, where patrons will be admitted free on the first two days, but asked to pay an entrance fee of $500 on the final day.

Deonarine said there will be three female exhibition matches, namely two semifinals and one final which will be played during the two finals set for November 10 at GCC.

Representatives of the sponsors for this year’s third edition of the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association ‘Guyana Softball Cup’ pose with executives of the organising body at the culmination of yesterday’s launch. Standing at extreme right and left respectively, are the two Corona girls. (Photo by Cullen Bess-Nelson)

The winners of the exhibition contest will receive $50 000 and a trophy while the runners-up pocket half of that amount and a trophy and the Player-of-the-Match, $5 000.

The winners of the Open category will walk away with $800 000 and a trophy, with the runners-up receiving $200 000 and trophy, the Man-of-the-Match in the final one trophy, and the Player-of-the-Series, one gold bracelet.

For the Masters category, the winners pocket $600 000 and trophy, runners-up receive $150 000 and trophy while the Player-of-the-Match and Man-of-the-Series will receive the same token as that of their counterparts from the Open category.

“I am proud to say that all of our sponsors are back on board with us for a third time, except that we have switched to the major network, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), who is our lone new sponsor for this year’s tournament,” added Deonarine.

He went on to outline the grounds which will be used for this year’s tournament and they are: GCC, Police Sports Club, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Demerara Cricket Club and Young Men’s Christian Association grounds.

“All these grounds will be hosting the 36 preliminary round matches on November 8 and 9, with the two finals being hosted by GCC, for which Travellers Sound System will provide musical entertainment and patrons are asked to pay an entrance fee of $500, while the action bowls off at 10:00hrs.”

GT&T’s Marketing Officer Nicola Duggan said her company was pleased to be associated with not only the tournament, but the organising body as well, to bring softball cricket to the different communities, while she wished the teams and the organising committee which is headed by Deonarine, best of luck.

Accounts Executive of RUBiS (Guyana) Rhonda Johnson said she can foresee a positive partnership between her Company and the GFSCA, reminding the organisers of Guyana’s largest softball event, of her Company’s intentions to have a long term and not fly-by-night relationship with the tournament.

Also making brief congratulatory remarks were Marketing Manager of Guyana Beverage Company Shamiza Yadram, who reminded the audience of the privilege her Company was given when asked to come on board with the Guyana Softball Cup.

“It is a privilege for us to partner with the GFSCA for a third year. We have seen softball is on the rise and we are happy to be a part of this development, while at the same time we hope it will be a success and keep getting bigger and bigger as the years go by.”

Like Yadram, Top Brandz representative Janelle Carter said her Company was pleased to be on board this year, bringing with them their latest addition Corona Beer, adding that she knows the tournament will be a successful one and hopes it grows from strength to strength.

Of the 24 teams who will be doing battle for supremacy, 10 will be coming out of North America, six will come from New York and two each from Florida and Canada, while the other 14 teams are locally based.

Last year’s Open category winners New York Cricket All Star League, will be defending their title this year against South Florida Softball Cricket League, Ontario Softball Cricket League, Regal XI< Cotton Field Wild Oats, Berbice Titans, Trophy Stall, Wolf Warriors, Smith XI and Farm XI.

Memorex, Speed Boat XI and Corriverton are yet to confirm their participation, with the first of the trio to do so being given priority to compete for the $800 000 top prize.

Savage Masters are the defending champions in the Over-45 category and this year, they will be facing the likes of Floodlights, New York Better Hope, New York Sea-View, New York Softball Cricket League, Brooklyn Legends, Ontario Softball Cricket League Masters, Industry Super Kings, Regal Masters, Parika Defenders, SCI Miami and New York President’s XI.

Both Cotton Field Wild Oats and Regal Masters, claimed the Open and Masters Over-45 category in the tournament’s inaugural year two years ago, before they were both dethroned by New York Cricket All Star League and Savage Masters respectively in last year’s tournament.

First Published In The Guyana Chronicle.

Thu, 10/17/2013 - 19:25