1st ODI under heavy khaki cover

Times Of India article.

Kochi, India - Over 2,000 police personnel and 50 surveillance cameras will throw a blanket of security over Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium which is set to host the first one-day cricket match between India and West Indies on Wednesday.

This would include 400 traffic police personnel and is well over 1,500 policemen deployed for the last one-day match between India and England held in January this year.

The police personnel will be divided into three divisions and each division will be headed by a superintendent of police. City police commissioner K G James will be in charge of supervision of security arrangements.

As part of the surveillance system, over 50 cameras have been installed in the stadium. 

It is double the number of cameras installed for the one-day international cricket match between India and England. According to police, 25 surveillance cameras were installed for the last match.

The cameras will be connected to the control room opened in the stadium. They will be installed at all entrances of the stadium apart from the stadium. 

IGK Padmakumar, Ernakulam range, opened the control room on Tuesday. For emergencies, people can contact the control room (9497990066).

"There have been instances of people throwing plastic bottles into the stadium after the cricket match is over. Surveillance cameras installed in the stadium will be used to nab such culprits. If anyone tries to damage seats, they will also be caught by the police," said Padmakumar. He added that shadow policemen would also be deployed at the stadium for surveillance.

Police said that match boxes, lighters, crackers, cigarettes and big bags would not be allowed inside the stadium. 

Those who come after consuming liquor will also be denied entry. 

While spectators will be allowed to bring water in plastic bottles, glass bottles won't be permitted. "Entry to the stadium will begin at 10.30am," said Padmakumar, adding that they were expecting nearly one lakh spectators for the match.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) said that there won't be any sale of tickets on the day of the match.

In order to ensure smooth vehicle movement, parking will be banned on the Stadium Road on the day of match. 

Police said that managing traffic would be a huge task as roads were barricaded in various parts of the city for Metro work. "Though it's likely to cause minor hiccups, every measure has been taken to ensure smooth traffic," he said.

First Published In The Times Of India.

Wed, 11/20/2013 - 04:53