‘Bouncing’ disapproves importation of players

Antigua Observer article.

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – National and Leeward Islands cricketer, Sylvester “Bouncing” Joseph, agrees with coach of the struggling sub-regional squad, Ridley Jacobs, that the out-sourcing of players may not be the best option in trying to rectify and/or overhaul Leeward Islands cricket.

Joseph, who admitted that his contribution during the NAGICO Super50 was not up to par, said that employing players from other countries does not solve the fundamental problems plaguing cricket in the sub-region.

“I think we have some exciting young players, but it’s just that. We need to get proper structure to play the cricket. We have more coaches and I think we have coaches that are assigned to the various teams in Antigua,” he said.

“So if we have practice facilities where guys could go and practice cricket in general in Antigua … they’re trying their best to improve, and if Antigua’s cricket can get back to a good standard, I think Leeward Islands cricket will get back to a good standard as well.”

Joseph suggested that many of the other players across the region upon examine are not particularly special in comparison to what is available within the Leewards.

“Having played against these guys who are playing cricket on a regular basis, I don’t see that they’re so far ahead of us. In the tournament, you have a few teams that are not scoring like they should, so it is not just us in the Leewards,” he said.

“And when they are doing it, nobody is complaining. They find excuses that the pitch is dry and things like that. But we, the Leewards, they criticise us and people in the Leewards are taking that – what they are saying – and are even following suite and condemning us as players.”

Leeward Islands will tackle CCC in the opener of the Regional 4-Day competition on March 1 at Warner Park in St Kitts, before playing Jamaica in a day/night fixture from March 7 to 10, also at Warner Park.

First Published In The Antigua Observer.

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 04:36